Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Biblical Principles

I have just re-learned a lesson that should be obvious but isn't, at least not all the time. The principles of the Bible are oftentimes as much (or more) for ourselves than they are for other people.  For example, Jesus tells us to forgive because we need to be able to let go, not because the other person will necessarily benefit.  "A soft answer turns away wrath" is as much about making sure we don't say or do anything we'll need to repent of later as it is about diffusing a tense situation.  There are always situations where we feel we're justified in striking back, especially when someone else has said something that's less than fair about us.  But if we answer in a more Christ-like way, it allows us to forget about what they said because we're not continuing to hash it around in our heads, trying to think of another thing we can say to strike back at them.  There is nothing more destructive for ourselves than when we feel we have the right to be cruel or hurtful to someone else.  Jesus always said (and set the example by His actions), that we never have the right to treat someone in less than  loving way.  He was unjustly arrested, brutally beaten, and nailed to a cross.  And He forgave the people Who did it.

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