Thursday, March 19, 2015

Renovation Work

My parents were here last week to help us do what ended up being a major renovation of the kids bathroom, among other things.  The house that we bought was very poorly maintained by the previous owners and we have a lot of work to do to get it into good condition again.  For the most part we don't mind since we got a big house with a lot of "potential" (don't you hate it when people say that?) for a pretty good price.  Once we're done with everything that we want to do (7-10 years from now), it will be worth significantly more than we paid for it.  Most of what we put in to it will be sweat equity and the rest, of course, will be money. 

The kids bathroom was the room that needed the most done to it to fix it and make it nice.  We removed the tub surround, the tile and sheetrock above the surround, the floor, the subfloor (water damage), and all the trim and baseboard and we replaced the surround, the sheetrock, the baseboard and trim, and the subfloor and flooring.  We painted, added a fan/light above the tub, replaced the black medicine cabinet with a regular mirror, replaced the black cabinet above the toilet with shelves, and put in new towel bars so that everything matched.  The transformation is amazing!  The bathroom is very small and the color of the walls and the two cabinets on the wall made it seem even smaller.  Now the smallness of the room isn't really noticeable. 

The next room we're going to tackle is the third bedroom which, when we're done with it, will turn into Josiah's room.  We're going to replace the windows, have the wood floor refinished, replace all the trim and baseboard, paint, and add shelves to part of the closet.  The only thing we don't have to fix or replace is the ceiling light/fan.  Once we're done with that, we'll get a big boy bed for Josiah and move him into his new room.  The room that we'll work on after that is the nursery, the room that Josiah is currently in.  With all the other things we have going on this summer (and the expense), those two rooms will probably be all that we do this year. 

We've met a few of our neighbors (they've all been friendly but not nosey) and we're really loving our neighborhood.  I think the Lord guided us to a good home and area for raising a family and we're very thankful.

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