Monday, November 10, 2014

An Artsy Winter

Since finishing my last book, I haven't had the chance to read more than the forward of my next book ("Driven" by Donald Driver).  There seems to be so many things that demand my attention and when I finally get some down time in the evening, I'm so tired that I either just watch a movie or do a little computer work and go to bed. 

Josiah gets more self-sufficient everyday but unfortunately, is requiring more and more supervision.  Because he can go up and down the stairs by himself, he roams both floors now, getting into all sorts of things that he shouldn't.  And making messes.  He roams the yard too and because our backyard doesn't have a fence between our driveway and the street, he has no barriers to stop him from wandering into the front yard and out to the street.  He does go outside by himself because he needs to have (what he thinks is) unsupervised time but I'm always in the kitchen or the living room where I can keep an eye on him through the window.  He has a good time by himself, playing in the dirt in the vegetable garden beds with his little trowel and shovel or putting sticks and leaves in his wagon and pulling it around the yard or following Fluffy around.  If we don't sell our house by next spring though, we're going to have to put up a fence to keep him in the backyard. 

The weather this week has been amazingly warm but that all ended about 4:30 this afternoon.  A cold front came through and the temp dropped from around 70 to below 50.  We're not even supposed to get up to 40 tomorrow.  I brought in some of Josiah's outside toys and washed them so he can continue to play with them in the basement this winter.  I'm going to try to make our basement a little more kid-friendly so he has some space to run around and burn off energy this winter.  I think it'll be tough on him to be inside so much so I'm going to have to get creative with ideas of ways to keep him occupied.  Not that I think it's a parent's job to keep their child occupied 100% of the time (in fact, that's very harmful to a child because then they never learn how to entertain themselves), but the way he's kept himself occupied this summer is by going outside to play.  Now that he won't have that, I think I'll have to work with him on being able to occupy himself in the house.  I did get some new crayons and markers and coloring books a couple weeks ago so it might turn out to be a very artsy winter!

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