Monday, August 18, 2014

The Shed Project

Last night we finished another, rather major, improvement to our yard.  One of the previous owners had put a car port (or possibly for a boat?) in the south east corner of the yard.  It was huge and ugly and we had been wanting to get rid of it for awhile and replace it with a shed.  However, it wasn't at the top of our priority list until recently.  Since we didn't have a shed, we would put our mower and other tools under the car port and cover it all with a tarp.  It was better than nothing but certainly wasn't ideal since rain water collected in that corner of the yard, strong winds could blow the tarps off, and our son would always find a way to get into stuff that he shouldn't.  That last part is what finally did it for us. 

A week ago Saturday, Daniel and Michael (brother-in-law) disassembled the car port and dug up the posts (they were cemented into the ground).  It took them about four hours in the afternoon to get that project done (and it was hot outside).  We bought our new shed and big 2x2 pavers to go underneath it on Saturday.  We cleared out the area, decided where we wanted the shed and which direction we wanted it to face, and Daniel started work on Sunday morning.  It took him all morning to get the pavers put in place and evened out and then Michael came over again at about 2 and they started assembling the shed.  The shed is a 7x7 rubbermaid shed from Menard's.  We didn't want anything really expensive, permanent, or difficult to put together which left us with very few options.  Anyway, the men worked another four hours or so (again, it was probably 105 degrees in the sun and even hotter inside the shed once they got the walls and roof on) and finished in the early evening.  Although the shed isn't the sturdiest thing in the world, it'll serve our purposes and looks really nice.  Over the next week, we're going to add some dirt to the area around the shed and get grass planted. 

Our shed project was definitely a success.  There's plenty of room to put everything in the shed, including some tools in the basement that should really be in the shed.  Josiah can't get into it and it'll be locked so our things are secure.  And besides all that, the yard looks bigger and much nicer! 

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