Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm an Aunt! And Other Happenings

Good heavens, I haven't written in two weeks!  And so much has happened...
The most important thing is, of course, that I'm an aunt again!  My lovely sister had a little girl a week ago Friday.  Joanna Isabel was 6 lbs 15 oz (I think) and 19" long.  She's a sweet little girl but it's kinda sad because she's making me incredibly aware of how NOT a baby my Josiah is.  Speaking of Josiah, he seems to be adjusting pretty well to the addition of a baby to our family.  He always kisses her goodbye ("kissing" to Josiah is laying his head against her head... it's so sweet!) and has held her a few times.  However, since she can't do much, he gets bored with her pretty fast and goes to find Zuzu to play with.  The only time he gets resentful of me holding her is when he's tired.  And at those times, it's not like he wants to sit in my lap or be held in my arms.  No, he just doesn't want me holding her

I've also been babysitting a lot the last couple weeks.  A mom needed to go to a dentist appt so I watched her son for a couple hours last Monday.  That same day, I was watching another little boy while his mom had some medical treatments at her doctor's office.  I watched him again yesterday.  And the third little boy that I watched last Friday and I'll watch again this Friday didn't have daycare on those two days so the mom had to find somebody else to watch him.  I'm always happy to help out other moms in the church and Josiah always has a good time with the other little boys. 

And last but not least, my own mother was in town for two weeks (she left last Saturday) to help out with Joanna.  We did some shopping with her, including a big consignment sale where I got some clothes, two winter coats, and some books for Josiah.  I like this particular consignment sale because they always have lots of clothes, shoes, toys, and other stuff for babies and kids and it's all in good shape.  They're not trying to sell junk like a lot of places. 

Well, I hear Josiah "talking" to himself so he must be up from his nap.  It's ice cream time!! :)

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