Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Well, my sister got a puppy.  Belle, her previous dog, developed heart problems and had to be put down several months ago.  Since they've been in the house-selling and house-buying process since that time, they've held off on looking for another puppy until they were settled in their new house.  They found one that they liked and picked her (Zuzu) up on Monday.  Josiah was a little scared of Zuzu at first but soon warmed up to her and now loves visiting her.  We'll be taking care of her for a few days since my sister (hopefully!) has a few more days of work before she goes on maternity leave. 

It's always been my intention to get a dog when we moved to a place with more property.  I don't want one in our current house because our backyard is open to the road and we just don't have the room for a big dog (we'll probably get a golden retriever... they're good family dogs and I grew up with one).  But I do believe that kids should have pets.  Pets teach children responsibility and empathy and are good companions.  They're also therapeutic and help children to heal from emotional or psychological wounds (something we'll likely have to deal with if we continue to adopt or become foster parents). 

Anyway, here's a picture of my baby with Zuzu.  I know.  They're adorable. :)


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