Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It's been a busy week.  My sister and her husband signed the papers to sell their house and buy their new house on Thursday so I spent most of Thursday and part of Friday helping them load and unload the moving truck and unpack boxes.  I personally love that sort of thing.  I enjoyed moving from our apartment to our current house 4 years ago.  I like going through stuff and packing boxes and I especially like unpacking boxes and deciding where things are going to go.  My sister and her husband haven't been quite so thrilled about the process but that's understandable since my sister is 37 weeks pregnant and her husband tends to just see all the things that still need to be done or things that need to be fixed at their new house (I think he would even agree that he's a bit of a pessimist).  I was at their house for awhile yesterday afternoon, unpacking baby clothes and sorting out sizes.  There's still lots to be done so I'm sure I'll be over there tomorrow (they both work today). 

On top of all that, Daniel's aunt and two cousins were in town last week (from Michigan) so there were several family events that we participated in.  It's always fun to get together with family, especially since we aren't going to the family reunion this year. 

Josiah has had a pretty miserable week and a half.  He has one tooth that's really causing him some pain and probably several more that are getting close to coming through.  I know it's bad when he gets a runny nose and is unusually cranky. 
He's added a couple more words to his vocabulary.  According to Daniel, he said "water" a few days ago and he's said "uck" (truck) a couple times when trucks have gone by on the road.  It continues to amaze me how much he understands when I talk to him but that doesn't always work in his favor because there are times when I'll tell him to do something or stop doing something and he ignores me, even though I know he knows what I'm saying to him.  And people think children are born without a sin nature... hah!  Another thing he started doing recently is folding his hands and jabbering when we pray before meals.  It's especially cute if I put him in his high chair and turn away to get something and he sits with hands folded, patiently waiting for me to come back so he can pray.  It's kind of scary that he's so young but already so good at mimicking what we do.  When the Bible tells parents to train up their children, it means from the time our children are born.  They understand far more than we give them credit for.   

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