Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Grandpa's 90th Birthday

I haven't blogged in awhile so I figure I should catch my 2 readers up on what's going on in my life.  Well, the toddler and I got home from Phoenix last night.  My Grandpa lives in Sun City West and his 90th birthday was on Sunday.  For over a year now, the whole family has been planning on being in Phoenix last weekend to celebrate with him.  And almost everyone was able to make it.  Grandpa's 5 children and their 4 spouses and 1 girlfriend; 8 grandchildren (1 of my brothers wasn't able to make it) and 3 spouses and 1 fiance; and 4.5 great grandchildren all flocked to Phoenix.  We had a wonderful time catching up with everyone and it was good to see that my grandfather is still doing quite well (physically and mentally).  Since Daniel was starting his new position on Monday, we flew down to Phoenix together on Friday morning but he flew home on Sunday afternoon and I stayed there until Tuesday to get some extra time with Grandpa and my parents and litle brother. 

Two points I want to make about this trip.  First, I would take 100 degrees in Phoeniz over 85 degrees in Wichita any day.  I know people think the "dry heat" thing is a joke but it's really not.  When you walk outside into 85 or 95 or 105 degrees here in Wichita, you feel like you're going to melt and externally combust.  It's not the same in Phoenix.  Yes it's hot but it feels so different (and much better) without the humidity.

Second, traveling with a toddler is difficult.  Traveling with a toddler who is headstrong, who doesn't like anyone but Mommy or Daddy, and who has two teeth emerging is... even worse.  He didn't want anyone but me to hold him.  He wanted to be held A LOT.  He fussed a lot and at one point, spent 45 minutes screaming at the top of his lungs in the car.  He also spent a good 25 minutes screaming on the plane before we took off and he fell asleep.  But even with all that, I'd still do it again.  It meant a lot to Grandpa to have all of us travel there to celebrate his birthday with him.  And I wanted Josiah to get to meet his other great grandfather and have pictures of the two of them together.  It was a good trip and I can't wait to go back for his 95th!   

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