Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Squirrel

This past week, my 14 month old son decided that he was going to go from two solid naps a day to one.  Up until now he's been sleeping an hour or two in the late morning and the same thing in the late afternoon.  But now when I put him down for a second nap, he won't sleep.  He's still good... no crying or screaming or anything.  He just plays with his animals and waits for me to come and get him.  I finally decided after a couple days to put him down for his one nap right after lunch.  He's good and tired by that time so he falls asleep quickly, sleeps soundly for a couple hours, and then is up and ready to go again until he runs out of energy in the evening.  Of course, this means less time to do things without him but I'm trying to include him in more of the chores around the house anyway so it's not all bad.

I saw something pretty sad this morning.  I went in to get Josiah up and when I opened his blinds, there was Oreo out in the yard, playing (read: torturing) a young squirrel.  I don't know that I've mentioned Oreo before so I'll tell you about him.  A few months ago, I noticed this pretty, black-and-white kitty hanging around in our yard.  He was thin and dirty and had obviously been involved in some battles with other animals.  I started putting some food out on our deck for him and he'd come up and eat after I went back inside.  Every day I worked on taming him and now he begs for attention when I go outside.  He's put on some weight and isn't near as dirty and I think he's staying out of trouble (for the most part) because he spends most of his time in our yard.  This has created a small problem though because my other two cats hate him.  They're always hissing at him but they're both pretty cowardly so they do it from the safety of the inside of the screen door.  I like Oreo but I know he's still a half-wild cat so I'm careful around him, I always wash my hands after I pet him, and I'm not overly surprised when he gets his own supper.  But catching a squirrel?  It was sad.  When it comes to cats catching anything, I always try to get the poor critter away from them.  Both of my cats are well-fed and Oreo certainly isn't starving anymore so they don't need to eat birds and mice and squirrels.  Anyway, I went running outside and scared Oreo away.  The poor little squirrel dragged himself over to one of the trees.  He painfully tried to climb up but fell back to the ground after only getting a foot up the tree.  He hobbled around the base of the tree, trying to find a hiding place.  I wanted to keep an eye on him to make sure Oreo didn't come back but Josiah and I hadn't had breakfast yet so I went back inside and we ate.  By the time we got back outside, the little squirrel had disappeared.  I looked for awhile and even let my cats outside but neither of them found anything.  He must've either crawled away or got up into a tree.  Some of you may wonder why I didn't just kill the squirrel, since it was obviously in pain.  Well, that's a tough call to make.  I know from a lifetime of being around cats that a lot of times, their hapless victims are more stunned and scared than anything.  If he was still sitting out there after a couple hours, I would've probably done something about it.  But since he was gone, I can only hope he's off in a hole in a tree somewhere, tending his wounds. 

My sister and bro-in-law brought over a kids pool for Josiah a couple weeks ago.  The weather has been cool recently but today it's supposed to be mid-90's so I set it up outside and put a few inches of water in it.  Hopefully by the time the kid gets up from his nap, the water won't be so cold and he can play in it.  Heck, he'd probably play in it if there were ice cubes floating in it!  I've very quickly realized that my son feels neither heat nor cold. 

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