Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring in Kansas

The last couple weeks have been beautiful.  We need rain but if it's not going to rain, I prefer a sunny, breezy 75 degrees.  Josiah and I have been spending lots of time outside.  He only had a couple outside toys so we went over to Wal-Mart after his nap this morning and I got him a lawn mower that "blows" bubbles when he pushes it, a little bucket and garden trowel, and a kids rake/shovel/hoe set.  He sees me weeding and digging up plants so, rather than having to share my garden tools, I figured I'd just get him his own.  I filled his bucket up with water and he had a grand time playing in it and pouring it all over himself.  Once it gets a little warmer, we're going to get him a pool. 

My gardens are looking good.  I did some more transplanting today.  One great thing about having more mature plants (my oldest things are three years old) is that I can do a lot of splitting.  I'm trying to keep my planting-buying to a minimum this year (just a few annuals for my pots and the bed by the road) so I'm splitting existing plants to fill in areas where something died last year.  I've also been given permission to steal a few things from my sister's garden before they sell their house so I'm going to be taking some baby lilacs and possibly a small chunk of her peony for my gardens.  A tight budget means I have to be creative and luckily, I'm pretty good at that when it comes to plants. 

It looks like we're going to be getting some bad weather this weekend.  It was predicted that this spring would be especially bad for tornados but there haven't been any yet (as far as I know).  This weekend will change that I'm sure.  We have a basement and in the corner where we hide, Daniel has his desk... We call it Mega Desk.  When there's bad weather, we're in the basement.  When tornados are touching down near us, we're under Mega Desk.  We already have an emergency kit so aside from grabbing some food and toys for the kid, we're ready for tornado season.

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