Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I've started watching a TV show called "Parenthood."  I really liked it in the beginning but recently, some of the situations have gotten a little nauseating.  The show is based around an older couple, their four grown children and children's spouses, and their grandchildren.  One of the things I really like about the show is that it's very family-focused.  There may be times when the siblings don't like each other but they're still there for each other and they eventually work out their disagreements.  The married couples are committed to each other.  There have been a few sticky situations but so far, there's been no cheating or affairs.  That's pretty unheard of in today's television. 

One of the couples decided to adopt a baby after they were told that they couldn't have any more biological children (they had one child already).  In the end, the birth mom backed out after giving birth.  Those episodes really hit home.  I often wonder how close we came to being in that situation.  We would have been devastated and the show did a good job of showing how painful it was for them.  This stuff is real.  Until those final papers are signed, anything could happen.  We prayed everyday that our birth mom wouldn't back out.  Thankfully she didn't and we have a beautiful son.  But that's not everyone's story. 

But back to the stuff that's starting to annoy.  It's a toss up between the rebellious teenagers or one of the grown (40 year old) children as to whose behaviour is the worst.  And I'm sure the show is being written that way on purpose but this woman is an adult and a mother and her behaviour is just ridiculous for a woman of her age and situation.  She has no qualms about inviting men into her bed and although she continually talks about how much she loves her children, her actions are very damaging to them (especially since they have a father and they don't want to see their mother with another man).  This makes me angry.  And unfortunately, this stupidity is prevelant in our society.  Mothers and fathers alike claim to love their children and then do things that are extremely destructive to the well-being of those children.  Divorce is the number one example of this.  You say you love your kids?  Then love their mom.  Respect their dad.  Even if it's difficult, fight every day to stay with your spouse and make your marriage work.  I don't care if you're not happy and frankly, neither do your children.  All this hogwash that we're told about how your children just want you to be happy... it's a lie.  They don't want you to be happy if it means having their family ripped apart.  You say you love your kids?  Then prove it.  This woman is a prime example of a parent who says one thing but doesn't back up her words with any actions.  At some point, words become meaningless.   

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