Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ode To Joy

Last night, my husband and I attended "Ode to Joy", a classical music concert put on by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and Choir.  The first song was a piece called "Serenade to Music" by Ralph Vaughan Williams.  It was about 20 minutes long and very beautiful.  There was a short intermission and then we sat down to enjoy the masterpiece of the evening: Beethoven's 9th Symphony.  My husband loves classical music and he especially loves the 9th Symphony so he was on cloud nine during that hour and a half and well into the night afterward (he said he had trouble falling asleep because he was on a music high).  What's amazing to both of us is that Beethoven composed the 9th Symphony when he was stone deaf.  There are four parts to that piece of music and all are unique and beautiful.  To think that someone could compose that beautiful piece of music without being able to hear it is, in my opinion, miraculous.  Composers like Beethoven and Handel... these men truly had a gift and I think at certain points in their life, God especially touched them so they could create things like the 9th Symphony and the Messiah. 

I often wonder why people today can't or don't write music like what was written several hundred years ago.  So much of Christian and secular music today is just trash.  There's nothing beautiful or captivating about it.  Many times secular music is vulgar and obscene.  I just don't get how people can think this muck is music.  I don't think that everyone should listen or like classical music.  But I do think we should hold music to a higher standard.  Just because someone writes a song doesn't mean it's good or should be considered music.  Same thing with art.  Anyone can throw some paint at a canvas.  That's not art.  There has to be something beautiful and captivating about it, something that shows you clearly have a talent that not many other people have.  If everyone can do it, it's not special and shouldn't be considered art or music.  Anyway, that's my two cents.     

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