Friday, April 4, 2014

A Busy Week

This week has been a busy one and we have two more events before the week is over.  My husband and I used to lead a church community group and one of the young women who attended moved to Colorado and then our group was restructured and we moved to a different group.  The young woman who moved away is back for a week to visit and clean out a storage unit.  She stayed at our house on Monday night (we had community group that evening so she can by after we got home) and last night and I think she's going to be staying here on Saturday night as well.  Although we don't have the most comfortable or spacious accommodations, we're happy to let her sleep on a blow up bed in our spare room in the basement.  Last night, we invited the members of our old community group over to eat some burgers and spend some time catching up.  Almost everyone was able to attend and it was a great time.  Tonight we have a birthday party for Daniel's sister.  Tomorrow night, Daniel and I are going to Ode To Joy, a classical music concert in downtown Wichita.  We aren't usually so busy and I enjoy our more relaxed, free schedule.  Daniel works pretty long hours so we try to keep our evenings mostly free so Daniel can have father/son time with Josiah. 

If the weather is nice next week, Josiah and I are going to go to the zoo.  I'm going to get a year pass because he loves animals and I have a feeling that we're going to spend many hours there this summer. 

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