Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Will and Testament

My husband and I just got done writing our will.  We started it soon after Josiah was adopted but, because of one thing or another, didn't finish it until now.  In the will, we specified what is to be done with our assets, how to pay our outstanding debts, who will execute our will, who gets what of our possessions and, most importantly, named two sets of guardians for Josiah.  I think it's very important for parents to have a will or, at the very least, have guardians named for their children.  Being a good parent includes planning for the "what if" scenarios.  The hubby and I both have fairly substantial (by our standards anyway) life insurance policies and that money will be used to care for Josiah in the unlikely event of our deaths, the remainder reverting to him when he turns 18. 

The conversations recently have been rather morbid.  We have to provide instructions for scenarios that we hope and pray never happen.  The thought of both of us dying and leaving our son an orphan is horrible.  We also had to provide instructions for what to do if all three of us should be killed.  Death and dying is not a subject that anyone enjoys but we're all going to face death and we need to make sure our earthly affairs are taken care of.  For those of us who have the assurance of heaven, our biggest concern is those who will be left behind.  There's a measure of peace knowing that we've done what we could to make sure our son is taken care of if we're not around to do it.

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