Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia started a few days ago and we've been watching a variety of the events.  Besides the figure skating, which is my favorite event, the part I like best is getting to know some of the competitors.  Because of the level of performance that is required from them, almost all of them have an interesting and amazing story.  In fact, in one of the snowboarding events, I liked the Canadian competitor so much because of his story that I cheered for him instead of for the American (he ended up winning gold).  Many of the competitors had a lot of adversity to overcome in their short lives.  Quite a few of them had serious injuries in their life that they had to heal from and then start over.  The indomitable spirit that resides in the hearts of the competitors is inspiring.  The love of the event in which they compete is obvious and it's heartwarming to see the comraderie between the competitors.  Most of them know the other competitors because there's few people competing at their level and there seems to be mutual respect and admiration.  Part of me knows that we are only shown the best of these people at the Olympics but I also believe that it's not all show.  These people care about each other, they cheer for each other after a great performance, they grieve for each other after a bad performance, they hold their breath with the rest of the audience when one of them goes down.  Especially after the nastiness that we're constantly seeing in the NFL games, it's nice to see competitors who are able to control themselves and just compete.  And no matter how many medals we bring home, I'll always be proud of Team USA.   


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