Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Steps

My sweet little son has reached another milestone in his young life.  Yesterday afternoon, his took his first steps.  He'd been dancing around it (as it were) for awhile now.  He can walk quite well while holding onto something by only one hand and can stand for short periods of time before plopping down and crawling over to whatever it is he wants.  My parents are here for a short visit before heading back to the Frozen Tundra and he took his first step to get to Grandpa.  At least I wasn't completely left out because a few moments later, he took a step (it was almost two) to get to me.  Oh how the days and weeks and months have flown by.  It seems like just yesterday that my phone buzzed with the text message that our birth mom was headed to the hospital.  A few days later, a tiny baby boy was placed in our arms.  And now he's on the verge of running around the house.

Josiah is such a sweet child.  He loves kids and kitties.  He has boundless energy.  He's curious about everything and is incredibly smart.  He watches everything we do and copies us as much as he can.  He's very mellow and doesn't get upset about things, even when we leave him with strangers (to him) in the nursery.  He's content to spend hours playing with his toys, books, and any kitties that have the courage to venture near him.  He's very independent and doesn't spend much time cuddling or sitting in my lap but I've gotten used to it and take whatever hugs I can get from him.  He's a happy child and smiles all the time but doesn't laugh a lot so when I hear his belly laugh (he's usually playing with the kitties), I try to get a video of it so I can watch it again and again. 

I'm sure this summer will be crammed with trips to the zoo, the park, the water fountains, and any other places that interest little children.  He wants to explore and conquer the world... so we shall!     

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