Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Football and Misc.

So many things to write about and so little time... I wasn't feeling very well yesterday so my weekly cleaning and laundry didn't get done.  And in the real world, those things don't just go away.  The baby is down for a nap, two loads of laundry are already in the washer and dryer, and I've made a pot of coffee.  The floor is strewn with toys, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, and there's a fair number of dirty dishes in the sink.  I have to make pork pie for supper and cookies for the New Years Eve bash at Kevin and Deanna's tonight.  But I suppose those things can wait.  The coffee must be enjoyed and the writing must get done.

First things first, the Packers-Bears game on Sunday was a nail-biter.  Unlike the game that followed it that evening (Cowboys-Eagles), our game was exciting because it was two good teams that really battled it out.  We managed to pull out a win (tho it wasn't very pretty) and won the NFC North.  We're going on to play the 49ers next week.  It's at Lambeau Field and the temps are supposed to be around 10 (with a possibility of snow) and those are always good things when you're playing a team from Cali.  But the 49ers knocked us out of the playoffs last year and went on to be defeated in the SuperBowl so it's going to be a tough game.  The best news is that Aaron Rodgers is back and, if Sunday was any indication, in great shape.  He was criticized for throwing an interception and fumbling but you have to expect a couple mistakes after being on the sidelines for 7 weeks.  The one interception was in the endzone so it didn't hurt us too much and the fumble was recovered by us and we ran it in for a touchdown.  In the last few minutes of the game, we had three 4th downs that we converted on.  The last one, a 4th and 8, was magnificent.  Rodgers was almost tackled but he broke away, running to his left.  He looked downfield and saw what the Bears evidently couldn't see.  Randall Cobb (first time back since a week 6 broken leg) was wide open and headed for the endzone.  Rodgers airs it out to him, Cobb makes the catch, and we're up by a touchdown.  There were a few seconds left but our defense managed to come through and the Bears couldn't score and the game was over.  It was a thing to see.
In other football news, Rony Romo was declared out for the season earlier this week (injury to his back).  If the Cowboys could've beaten the Eagles, they would've advanced to the playoffs.  But in typical Romo fashion, Kyle Orton (the backup) threw an interception in the last few minutes of the game, and that was that.  Eli Manning, who has had 27 interceptions this season, was hit during the game against the Redskins and suffered a sprained ankle.  He stayed in for one more play and, what do you know, threw an interception.  It only seems fitting that the Cowboys would be eliminated from the playoffs on an interception (although it would've been better if Romo himself threw it) and Eli Manning's last throw of the season would be an interception.  The Giants backup was put in and they went on to win the game against the Redskins. Also ironic.

There are also exciting goings-on in the family.  My little sister Bridget is pregnant and the baby is due July 26th.  Also, Daniel's cousin Nicole had her second baby (Connor) right before Christmas.  If we end up staying here in Wichita, Josiah is going to have many cousins to play with as he's growing up.  I know some people were expecting news of wedding bells from another member of the family but that doesn't seem likely now.  I love being married and I'm always sad when I see someone struggling in a relationship and I know they want to be married.  But marrying the wrong person is a horrifying prospect and it's better to struggle and end the relationship than to get married for marriage's sake. 

Well, my cup is running low and I only have another hour and a half before the baby wakes up.  I can usually still get things done when he's up and around but he's gotten more clingly the last few weeks and sometimes he just wants me to play with him.  But that's not a bad thing. :)   

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