Friday, October 8, 2010

Letter to Dr. Laura

Richard, a listener to Dr. Laura's radio show, sent in the following letter:

"We have slowly but surely emasculated men in our society - made a mockery of "real men" - expunged all the old heroes. The results have been boys growing up to be men who do not know how to be men nor how to treat women - who have no respect for women - nor are they able to provide the strong male figure their sons need in their quest for manhood.
This "neutering" of the male is and has been due to an apparent unwillingness to accept the nature of the male. This nature is there whether we like it or not - and I strongly suspect it is there for a reason.
There is a natural "warrior" in all boys. A boy needs to learn that to be a good warrior, he must learn to control his aggressive nature. A boy needs to know that a brave warrior believes deeply in honesty and justice, has a strong feeling for God, and is able, in his own way, to love and show kindness, mercy, and tenderness. If he does not learn this, it will be the women who will suffer most from lawless males. It is in a woman's interest that a boy grows up to be a good man, and if this is to happen, I might add, he must have male authority figures: his father, his minister/rabbi, and, yes, God.
In previous generations, boys often settled things "out behind the barn" with their fists, and, if they were to be "manly" about it, they followed fairly well defined rules. That type of conduct has since been considered uncivilized - considered uncivilized by a generation that has produced a society which is far less civilized than the generations that preceded it - and it continues to produce much of the same.
When an attempt is made to strip a boy of those things that identify his natural maleness, he will either be left with an aggression he has never learned to control, or with nothing that identifies his innate maleness - he becomes an emotional eunuch - a "nice" guy perhaps, but an emotional eunuch nevertheless. And, Dr. Laura, emotional eunuchs do not protest evil at any level. They feel no commitment to do so.
When women set out to remold men into what their emotions suggest is a civilized human being - they turn men into women! These are the guys who sit by, leaving many of the problems they should be facing in the laps of their wives.
Feminist thinkers - male or female - see violence of any kind and for any reason as totally impermissible. It is most fortunate for them that thinking such as that did not dominate past generations. Good warriors have been a major influence in the civilization of nations. Civilization requires warriors - good warriors."

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  1. You see the feminization of men in the public school system, in the work environment (especially in female-dominated occupations) and at home.
    There is a place and role for feminine-like behavior, and there is a place and role for masculine-like behavior. Neither is inherently more correct or incorrect than the other.
    Respect is a mutual thing. Sadly, women no longer earn the respect of men because they no longer respect men.
    Women have compensated by becoming experts in passive-aggressive techniques, manipulative behavior, and selling themselves in exchange for room, board, and companionship.