Thursday, August 26, 2010

"My Life"

Well, dear readers, I have not written in several weeks, not because I had nothing to say (if you're close to you, you know I always have something to say!) but because I don't want to overwhelm you with heavy subjects every time I write. One of the things I'm passionate about is dealing with the social problems of today (sexual promiscuity, divorce, absentee parents, politics, etc.) and I know that can get tiring to hear all the time (just ask my husband). So tonight, I will try to just be positive, which is a little hard to do this week. I've had several bad things come up that I've had to deal with (family issues, school, and work) but I'd rather not dwell on those things right now. Instead, I'd like to think about something positive... specifically, that I'm content. Despite the crap that's been dumped on me recently, I'm content with my life. You may be a little puzzled as to how that can be. Well, it's simple really. You see, my class, my job, my extended family issues is not my life. It's a part of my life, yes, but when I think about the essence of "my life", I think about my husband, my kittens and our home. It's like... a campfire. The middle of the campfire (the flames and the wood in the middle of it) is my life. The embers at the edge and the sticks poking into the fire are my job, my extended family, and school. They're involved and related to the middle of the campfire but they aren't the middle of the campfire. Now, this view of my life has pros and cons. The pros are that I can feel that "my life" is good, peaceful, and fulfilling. The cons are that, if something bad happens (I lose my husband, my kittens, or our home), my life will suddenly suck majorly. If that ever happens, though, I'd like to think that the essence of my life will shift from those things to other things that are positive. I'd like to think that, no matter what happens, I don't consider the negative things in my life to be the essence of my life... if I did, "my life" would always suck and I would never be content. There's always positive things in people's lives (sometimes a little hard to find) but if people would view the positive as their essence, I think people would feel a lot better about their lives.
I'm sitting out on our deck right now, enjoying the mild temperatures as my kittens play near me. Daniel's at class tonight but we're (hopefully) going to have a date night tomorrow night. "My life", despite the crap, is good.

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