Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Shower of Blessings

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted. In addition to buying a house (we close on the 13th), I had another major change in my life. I got a job... a different job actually, since I have a job right now. I started on Monday, working at a company that makes parts for the airplane companies and I enjoy what I do. I'm working in the purchasing department, entering information into two different computer programs. The other two ladies that I work with and my boss do the actual purchase orders but I enter the po's into the computer after we get the material, correcting numbers and making sure we got the right thing. It's very different from any other job that I've had, and I really love it. I have my own cubicle and I sit at my desk, working on my computer almost the whole time. I LOVE it. I don't have to deal with rude or angry costumers, people treat me with respect, and the company values me. This past week, I worked four hours each day, and next week, I'll have the same schedule. The week after that, I'll be going to six hour days and probably go to full-time eventually, though, I'd rather just work 6 hours a day. I don't want to work full-time, so 30 hours a week is great. I go in for 7:30, which has been an adjustment for me. Working at Dillons, I usually worked the afternoon or evening, many times until 11 or even midnight, so I'm used to sleeping in until 9 or so, but I actually like getting up earlier and getting done with work earlier in the day.
Last Tuesday, I put in my two week notice at Dillons. I told them my last day would be Sunday, the 4. Dillons wasn't so bad when that was my only job, but working my new job this past week made me realize how much I dislike working at Dillons. It's okay for a temporary job but, unless you have the temperament for it, it's hard to do for a long time. You have to answer to everyone... the managers, the supervisors, and the customers. Customers are allowed to treat you any way they want and you can't say a thing about it. I get hit on all the time by black guys, and some of them are pretty perverted (though, as soon as I mention something about "my husband" that usually stops them in their tracks - I love being married :)). The hours are crazy and the job is, actually, rather stressful. I like doing U-Scan because I don't have to talk to people as much, but when I check, I hate dealing with people that are crabby at me and I didn't do a thing. Every customer that comes through my line, I can't help thinking "I wonder if this person is gonna be rude to me". Or, if they don't say anything rude to me, I have to listen to them demean the sacker (I've heard some customers say some pretty cruel things to the sacker, just because it was a kid. I can guarantee, if it was a 40 year old woman doing the sacking, the customer wouldn't have said a word). And then there are some pretty stupid rules; for example, Kroger has a credit card (1-2-3 Rewards Mastercard) that they offer. Sometimes, an application will print on a customers receipt and we HAVE to tell them about the card. 95% of customers don't want to hear about it and some customers even get rude because they're tired of getting credit card offers. However, since a lot of checkers aren't offering them the card, a new rule was made by management that if we don't offer the customer the card, we'll get written up. Can you believe that?
Anyway, I tried not to be too negative about my job while I was working there, because I didn't want to start dreading going to work everyday, but now that I'm leaving and going to another job that's so much more enjoyable, I feel like I can vent a little. And I know that even though I really like my new job, I'll find things, as time goes by (hmm, that's a song...) that I dislike about it, but it'll still be way better than being a checker at Dillons.
It's funny how things work out... I probably wouldn't have kept my Dillons job after we moved into our new house, since it's not really worth driving that far for what I get paid, so I would've either had to transfer to a store closer to our house or find another job. And then this new job comes along... and it's 6 minutes from our new house. We're getting a new house that we both love, I have a new job that I enjoy and that pays better and is a lot better hours (after I go to 6 hours, it'll be 7:30 to 2 every day, so I'll have plenty of time in the afternoon to do things at home, clean, make supper, go shopping etc.) - and I can't help but wonder what's going to go wrong to screw it all up. Everything is too perfect and you know the old saying "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is". However, I know that one of the ways that the devil gets to Christians is to make them think that way. God blesses us and instead of us enjoying the blessings like we should, the devil comes along and makes us doubt the blessings and steals our joy. So, I'm determined to enjoy the blessings that God is showering on us now and not worry about things that probably won't happen anyway. Crappy things will happen in the future, because that's life and sometimes crappy things happen. But the way to deal with the crappy times is to enjoy the blessings when you get them and realize that, in the crappy times, blessings are just around the corner.

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