Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anniversary Trip

Today is my (mine?) and Daniel's 8-month anniversary. Yeah, I know it doesn't seem like a lot to all you readers who've been married for years and years but I think it's a big deal. Four more months and we'll have been married for a year! And that brings me to the subject of my blog. For our one year anniversary trip, we were originally planning on going to Arizona. I've been to Arizona twice in my life (once at 10 and once at 16) and I absolutely loved it. Some people say that the desert is a horribly ugly place but I think it's beautiful. Yes, it's barren and rugged, but it's still beautiful, especially up in the mountains around Phoenix. Anyway, we did some number-crunching (one of Daniel's favorite things to do) and decided that we just couldn't afford to go there. If we drove, we'd have to stay over night along the way there and back and then we wouldn't get much time to drive around the state and if we flew, tickets are rather expensive and then we'd have to rent a car on top of that. So we decided to pick somewhere (closer) else to go. I wanted to go to Colorado and Daniel wanted to go to Arkansas, so what to do. We came to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be to trade off picking where to go each year. Daniel said, since I'm the cuter one :), I get to pick this year. So we're going to Colorado. It'll be probably a 4 day trip, the first two days spent at a secluded cabin deep in the mountains and the other two days spent at a cheap hotel in some city, probably Colorado Springs. I found this great website ( that has a whole list of different cabins that we could stay at. Yes, most of the cabins are built for more than two people, but since just about all of them have the same rate, it doesn't really matter which one we pick. Right now, we're trying to decide between cabin's 5, 19, and 29. We haven't even started to discuss other things we may want to do, such as go up Pikes Peak, see the Garden of the Gods, tour the Focus on the Family campus, walk through Cripple Creek's historic town, drive through Cheyenne Mountain State Park, etc. I'm really looking forward to our trip. I love the mountains and Daniel and I both love to travel, preferably by car since we can see so much and can take detours whenever we want to. That, dear readers, is our next adventure.

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  1. You'll like that part of Colorado. There is a lot you can do that costs lots of money, but there's also lots you can do that is cheap or free.
    Pikes Peak, if you drive up, is for cars in VERY GOOD condition only. I don't know what yours is like. The railway up may be expensive. I don't know.
    Seven Falls is reasonable. So is the Manitou Incline. Canon City and the Royal Gorge is not cheap, but is a must-see at some time in one's life.
    What about the Air Force Academy? You can tour that for free, I think.
    Arizona and the desert is also great. Maybe some day soon you can go there.