Saturday, October 3, 2009

God Gets The Blame

There's a saying "God gets all the blame but none of the credit." I was thinking about that tonight as I was reading the end of Revelation, about the Second Coming, the Last Battle, the Thousand Year Reign, etc. When something bad happens, God usually gets blamed... "if God really loved me, fill in the blank wouldn't have happened. Why would He let this happen?" And yet, that statement shows how "this life" focused people are. I think that, if Christians were really kingdom focused, there'd be a lot less blaming and a lot more praising. When a Christian sins, what keeps him from immediately being punished and sent to hell? God's love and mercy and forgiveness. The simple fact that we aren't all headed straight to hell is a testament of how much God loves us. The fact that we're still on earth (Jesus hasn't come back yet) is a testament of how much He loves us. God continuously gives us second chances to get things right. Yet, we're so caught up in the things that happen here on earth that we can't see the bigger picture, we can't see God's goodness through the fog of badness. Bad things happen, yes, but think of how much worse they could be. Yes, your house burned down, but at least no one died. Why does God get the blame for the house burning down but doesn't get the praise that no one died? A world completely devoid of goodness, kindness, love and mercy is a world where God doesn't love people. While those things still exist, we can be assured that God still loves us. And yes, a world devoid of those things DOES exist... it's called hell.

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