Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Airport

So, I'm stuck at the airport. My flight was due to leave around 4 and is now delayed until at least 6, which means I'll be getting home 2 hours later than originally planned. I think that a lot of people in my position would be at least impatient, if not a little peeved and angry. I, however, have chosen to take a different approach. After all, what good does it do to get mad? I could be so mad that I'm breathing fire and smoke is coming out of my ears, but that won't make the plane get here any faster. So instead, I'm using this time to write my blog, catch up on the news in the world, scroll through facebook and read "Lonesome Dove". Doing these things makes me happy.... well, reading the news usually doesn't make me happy, but the other things do. So I sit here, happy as can be, and the person next to me is mad as a hornet. For whom does the time go faster? Me of course. And I've even gotten some things done. All in all, it's a very productive delay. This concept is an old one, usually described as the "half full - half empty glass" concept. When one looks at a glass that is filled halfway with water, they can either view it as being half full or half empty. The people that view the glass as half full are much happier and more satisfied than the people who view the glass as half empty. Think about that the next time your plans go awry.
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