Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take Time To Smell the Roses

Last evening, I went over to a little park about a mile from our apartment. The weather was absolutely beautiful, there were ducks and geese swimming in the water and walking on the grass, everything looked so green, and there was even a couple getting their engagement pictures taken while I was there. I walked around for almost half an hour before heading home.
What I can't get over, though, is how beautiful everything was. I just don't understand people who sit in their house, watching tv, when they could be outside enjoying an amazing evening. Yet, I know that many people do. Many people go through life without stopping to smell the roses, as it were. People hurry from place to place, ignoring the beauty around them, and then one day, the business of their life ceases and they suddenly realize how much they've missed. As Christians, I believe that God wants us to take time to look at the beauty around us, to appreciate all the things He's created. How would you feel if you spent time making something incredibly beautiful and then the people you put there to enjoy it just ignored it instead?
Now, realistically, most people don't have the time to spend hours enjoying God's creation. But there are so many things that can be enjoyed in daily life if people would just pay attention to them. A sunrise, if you get up early enough. If not, there's always the sunset. A short walk in the evening, smelling the fresh air. Watching the rain gently fall. A rainbow, a flower blooming, a little child gazing in innocent wonderment at something, squirrels playing with each other, the sunlight shimmering on a pool of water. I could go on and on. These things can be enjoyed if only one would notice them. Life is so much more amazing when one takes the time to enjoy what's around them.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Airport

So, I'm stuck at the airport. My flight was due to leave around 4 and is now delayed until at least 6, which means I'll be getting home 2 hours later than originally planned. I think that a lot of people in my position would be at least impatient, if not a little peeved and angry. I, however, have chosen to take a different approach. After all, what good does it do to get mad? I could be so mad that I'm breathing fire and smoke is coming out of my ears, but that won't make the plane get here any faster. So instead, I'm using this time to write my blog, catch up on the news in the world, scroll through facebook and read "Lonesome Dove". Doing these things makes me happy.... well, reading the news usually doesn't make me happy, but the other things do. So I sit here, happy as can be, and the person next to me is mad as a hornet. For whom does the time go faster? Me of course. And I've even gotten some things done. All in all, it's a very productive delay. This concept is an old one, usually described as the "half full - half empty glass" concept. When one looks at a glass that is filled halfway with water, they can either view it as being half full or half empty. The people that view the glass as half full are much happier and more satisfied than the people who view the glass as half empty. Think about that the next time your plans go awry.
Until next time...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Whatever happened to common courtesy?

Today on my flight from Wichita to Green Bay, I witnessed an encounter that shocked me. A man on my flight (right across the aisle from me) was on his blackberry, looking at a plan of the Packer stadium. The flight attendant had gone into her shpeel about "turning off all electronic devices". The man ignored her. She told him specifically to turn it off. Again, he ignored her. Finally, she sternly told him that she wasn't going to tell him to turn it off again. The man flips out and starts screaming at her... "I'm turning it off!! What's your problem?!?! Bleep!! Bleep!!" I sat in my chair, completely stunned. How could a grown man (late thirties) act like that? If he acts like this to a total stranger, can you imagine how he treats his wife and kids? (he had a wedding ring on). This is not the first time I've witnessed a person act in a way that was completely lacking in common courtesy. On Friday morning at work, a customer was extremely rude to me, basically telling me that I should go to school to learn how to pack groceries in a bag (her boxes of groceries wouldn't fit into her bag and she was mad about that... I know how to pack groceries and I can guarantee that they wouldn't fit, no matter how they were arranged). In the end, she grabbed the bag from me and walked out in a huff. Again, a grown woman acting like a two year old. I expect such tantrums from children, not from adults. What has happened to just being nice to people, to giving people a little grace, to be polite no matter what? And it's not just a problem in the "common" people sector. Kanye West and Serena Williams are good examples of relatively famous people acting like spoiled children.
Why is this happening? Is it that parents aren't teaching their children how to act in public (and in private)? Is it that people think so highly of themselves that they think they don't have to treat others with a little respect and kindness? This is just another example of the breakdown of values in our society. Common courtesy, politeness, manners or whatever you want to call it is a value, and a very important one if our society is going to continue to function in a civilized way.
Until next time...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


The most helpless class of Americans is the white male. Think about it. When something happens to them, they have no card to play. The racism card is for the black people and the sexism card is for women. What do white males have? Nothing. These two cards are played so often in America today that I'm surprised people even believe them anymore... but when the racism card is played, a lot of black people get on board. When the sexism card is played, a lot of women get on board. What is wrong with the people who go along with this crap? When will the whining, sniveling people who proclaim that everything that happens to them is either a result of racism or sexism grow up? Guess what, you people out there who use those cards. Life is hard for everyone. In fact, life just plain sucks for a lot of people. But that doesn't mean it's someone else's fault or a result of discrimination of some sort. If you get arrested because you did something illegal, that's not racist, IT'S THE LAW. If you don't get a promotion, it's not because you're a woman, IT'S BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO THE JOB AS WELL AS SOMEONE ELSE. Just get over it already. Everything isn't all about you.
If you're in one of these two groups of people and you've never used these cards to get pity or revenge or whatever, then I applaud you. If you actually have been a victim of racism or sexism, than I feel for you. Yes, acts of racism and sexism do happen (not anywhere near as often as people say it does), but when it does happen, it's a thing to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, it's hard to take it seriously when sexist or racist acts actually do happen because the card has been worn out. Now, it's almost an expected thing. Something happens and Al Sharpton throws up the racist flag.... and no one is surprised. We expected it.
Until next time...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Blog

Hello Readers,
You haven't heard from me in awhile I know, but I'm changing my blog a little bit and then, hopefully, you'll hear from me more often. When I feel very passionate about something, I feel a great desire to write about it. When I don't feel very strongly about something, the opposite is true. My newly improved blog will allow me to write about anything without having any set parameters. With this new-found freedom, I will write about the things that I truly love.
Until next time...