Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Challenge - Don't Forget Where You Came From

Dear Readers,
The subject matter of today's blog came to me several days ago when I was at work. I started my job about two weeks ago and, because I've gotten a lot of hours at work, I've learned my job fairly quickly. The other day (Saturday I think) when I was working, there was a new girl who was also working. It was her second day and she was struggling with some things that I'd already learned. Feeling sorry for her, I gave her some tips so that she could do her job more quickly and more smoothly. She was very grateful to me for helping her. As I thought about that, this challenge came to mind. "Don't forget where you came from." What do I mean by that? Well, simply this. We should never consider ourselves too good (or too smart or too well-paid) to help out others because we were in that same position at one time. When I started at my job, there was a very nice young man who was exceedingly helpful to me and gave me tips and advice that helped me learn my job more quickly and do a better job. I was very grateful to him and I want to always pass his kindness on to someone else. Remember when you were the new person on the job and were struggling to learn something completely new? Was someone kind to you and helped you? Then you should help others. Did everyone ignore you and let you figure it out for yourself? Then don't let that happen to another person and be kind enough to help them out.
I remembered what it was like to want help and I got it from someone. I saw that new girl the other day and I could see that she was struggling so I helped her out. You should never consider yourself too far above helping someone out. At one time, you were that new person who wanted help. "Don't forget where you came from."
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  1. The challenge comes when one is put into a new job and there is no help available, for whatever reason. Additionally, if the job is a newly-created job with only generalized work goals, the challenge is even tougher.
    I've had several positions like that and have always enjoyed the challenges of that kind of work, but I realize that isn't for everyone.
    Good writing.